Hantechn 18V High Power Angle Grinder 4C0015

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Elevate your cutting, grinding, and polishing tasks with Hantechn 18V High-Power Angle Grinder. Engineered for exceptional performance, this cordless angle grinder offers the convenience of mobility without compromising on power.

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High-Power Performance -

This 18V angle grinder delivers exceptional power for versatile cutting, grinding, and polishing tasks.

Cordless Convenience -

Enjoy the freedom of cordless operation, allowing you to work without limitations and tangles.

Efficient Battery -

The included high-capacity battery ensures extended usage time, reducing downtime for recharging.

Precision Control -

Equipped with ergonomic handles and intuitive controls, enabling precise handling even in tight spaces.

Durable Build -

Crafted with rugged materials, this angle grinder is built to withstand heavy-duty applications and provide lasting reliability.

About Model

Upgrade your tool collection with this cordless angle grinder and experience the blend of power, mobility, and durability it brings to your projects. Get ready to take on tasks with confidence, knowing you have a tool designed to meet the challenges of high-power applications while maintaining ease of use and precision.


● With an 18V battery voltage and 830W rated in-put power, experience unparalleled strength for heavy-duty cutting and grinding tasks.
● The 8700 rpm no-load speed ensures swift material removal, reducing work time and enhancing efficiency on various surfaces.
● Designed for versatility, the tool accommodates 100-125 mm diameter wheels, allowing precise customization for different applications.
● With a charging time of 2-3 hours, the tool gets you back to work swiftly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
● Its ergonomic design offers optimal control during operation, minimizing user fatigue and allowing for precise work even in challenging environments.
● The product integrates advanced safety features that enhance protection during usage, reducing risks associated with high-powered tools.
● Crafted for durability and portability, this tool withstands demanding environments while offering the flexibility to move seamlessly across job sites.


Battery Voltage 18 V
Rated In-put Power 830 W
No-Load Speed 8700 rpm
Diameter Of Wheel 100-125 mm
Charging Time 2-3 hours