Hantechn@ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Functional Household Hand Power Tool

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Comprehensive Functionality in One Package
This multi-functional powerhouse includes a range of interchangeable heads, turning it into a toolbox of possibilities.


Organized Storage with Toolboxes
The Hantechn@ Multi-Functional Household Hand Power Tool comes with toolbox. These storage solutions ensure that your accessories are neatly organized and easily accessible whenever you need them. The thoughtful design makes it convenient to transport the tool and its components.

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The Hantechn@ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Functional Household Hand Power Tool is a versatile and comprehensive toolset designed for various household tasks. This all-in-one kit includes a wide range of interchangeable heads and accessories to cater to different needs.

This cordless multi-functional tool provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of household applications, from drilling and cutting to gardening and cleaning. The interchangeable heads and accessories, along with the brushless main engine, offer flexibility and convenience for different tasks. The inclusion of toolboxes ensures organized storage and easy transportation of the entire set.

product detail

Application for home repair / for Garden
Dimensions 40*30*31cm
Function Multifuction
Type Tool Box Set
Voltage 18-21V
Motor type brushless motor

product parameters

Product Picture Specifications Application
Power unit picture Voltage: 18V
Motor: brushless motor
No-Load Speed: 1350rpm
Maximum Torque: 25N.m
Charger picture 0.8A
Hedge trimmer picture no-load speed:1200rpm;rated power:680w
Grass cutter picture
Hammer picture no-load speed:2000rpm;rated power:680w
Blower picture
Car cleaner picture no-load speed:1999rpm;rated power:680w
Drill picture
Impact drill picture Chuck size:10mm maximum torque:35N.m speed:0-400/1450 r/min shock frequency:0-21 3-in-1 function(screw driving/drilling/hammer) 25-speed torque adjustment 2-speed speed regulation
Screwdriver picture Collet size:1/4” maximum torque:180N.m speed:0-3300r/min shock frequency:0-3600times Hexagonal quick chuck
Wrench picture no-load speed:2800rpm;rated power:680w
Multi-function tool picture Swing frequency:0-10000 times/min swing angle:3° Sawing/cutting/grinding/polishing
Sander picture Swing frequency:0-10000 times/min bottom plate size:94*135mm Pollshing/derusting/grinding
Jig saw picture no-load speed:2700rpm;rated power:680w
Reciprocating saw picture Reciprocating frequency:0-3300 times/min cutting stroke:15mm Cutting wood/metal/PVC etc
Angle grinder picture no-load speed:9000rpm;rated power:680w
Chainsaw picture Speed:0-4000 r/min chain quick order:7M/s Guide plate size:4” Logging/chopping/pruning
4Ah battery picture 4AH 18v
China battery


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Product advantages


The Hantechn@ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Functional Household Hand Power Tool stands out as a powerhouse of convenience and versatility. Here are the key advantages that make this tool an invaluable addition to your toolkit:


1. All-in-One Functionality:

With a wide range of interchangeable heads, this tool consolidates multiple functions into one, eliminating the need for individual tools for different tasks.


2. Versatility in Applications:

From pumping to grinding, cutting, and even cleaning, the Hantechn@ Multi-Functional Tool adapts to various applications, making it a versatile solution for household tasks.


3. Powerful Brushless Main Engine:

The brushless main engine is the heart of the tool, providing powerful and efficient performance for a range of tasks.


4. Organized Storage with Toolboxes A and B:

The inclusion of two toolboxes ensures organized storage, making it easy to transport and access the various components of the tool.


Hantechn@ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Functional Household Hand Power Tool offers a comprehensive set of advantages, making it a go-to solution for a wide array of household tasks. Get ready to experience efficiency, versatility, and convenience in one powerful tool.

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A: To start your project, please send us the design drawings with a list of material, quantity and finish. Then, you will get the quotation from us within 24 hours.

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