Hantechn 18V Brushless Cordless Rivet Gun

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Upgrade your riveting game with the power and precision of Hantechn 18V Brushless Cordless Rivet Gun. Designed for efficiency and convenience, this tool will revolutionize the way you handle riveting tasks.

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Effortless Efficiency -

With the Hantechn Brushless Cordless Rivet Gun, riveting becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to manual effort and welcome a tool that effortlessly handles riveting tasks, saving you valuable time and energy.

Unmatched Precision -

Achieve impeccable results with precision in every rivet. This advanced tool ensures each rivet is flawlessly placed, enhancing the overall appearance and strength of your projects.

Swift Rivet Changes -

Time is of the essence, and this rivet gun understands that. Its quick-change system allows you to switch between rivet sizes swiftly, enabling you to maintain a seamless workflow without interruptions.

Durability Redefined -

Crafted by Hantechn's engineering excellence, this rivet gun boasts a robust construction that can withstand demanding tasks. Trust in its durability to tackle various projects with confidence.

Versatility Unleashed -

From automotive repairs to metalwork, this tool is your versatile companion. Its adaptability across different applications makes it an indispensable addition to your toolkit.

About Model

Hantechn cutting-edge cordless technology liberates you from the confines of cords and outlets. Say goodbye to tangles and limited maneuverability. This rivet gun offers unmatched freedom and flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly tackle projects in any corner of your workspace.


● A commanding 18V battery voltage propels this tool beyond the ordinary, delivering unparalleled performance and extended operation times.
● Boasting a variable impact rate of 0-5500 bpm at rated speed, it masterfully conquers diverse surfaces, making light work of demanding tasks with unwavering precision.
● At a rated speed of 0-850 rpm, it showcases unmatched finesse, adapting seamlessly to different applications, ensuring optimal efficiency even in intricate operations.
● The 1.3 J max impact energy exhibits unyielding force, enabling swift breakthroughs and controlled demolitions, setting new standards in the realm of handheld power tools.
● With a 10mm max drill diameter in steel, 13mm in concrete, and an impressive 16mm in wood, it crafts pathways where others falter, unlocking innovative possibilities.
● The SDS-Plus toolholder, meticulously designed, ensures secure attachments, minimizing energy loss and guaranteeing consistent power transfer for every project.


Battery Voltage 18 V
Impact Rate At Rated Speed 0-5500 bpm
Rated Speed 0-850 rpm
Max.Impact Energy 1.3 J
Max.Drill Dia.in Steel 10 mm
Max.Drill Dia.in Concrete 13 mm
Max.Drill Dia.in Wood 16 mm
Toolholder SDS-Plus