Spring Edition: Makita’s Vibrant New Product Predictions

Today, Hantechn will take a closer look at some predictions and initial insights regarding the potential new products Makita may release in 2024, based on released patent documents and exhibition information.

Accessory for screw fastening with electric screwdriver


In certain situations where there are structural and spatial constraints, nuts may require manual operation using hands or wrenches. However, with this accessory, one can easily tighten and adjust the height with the powerful rotational force of an electric screwdriver. This reduces the workload and increases work efficiency.

In fact, there are already some similar products on the market, such as the MKK Gear Wrench and SEK Daiku no Suke-san. The situations that require the use of such accessories are relatively rare, so it's challenging for these types of products to become top sellers.

Wireless Linkage System (AWS) Expansion


Makita offers many of its cordless power tools with the option to install the Wireless Linkage System (AWS) module. However, currently, after installing this module, it is limited to pairing one main unit with one vacuum cleaner. When users switch to another vacuum cleaner, they need to re-pair it.

According to publicly available patents, after pairing the power tool with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, users will be able to directly switch between different vacuum cleaners using their mobile device or tablet.

Direct Current Cordless Horizontal Spiral Drill Excavator


Currently, most spiral drill excavators on the market are designed for vertical digging, making them inconvenient for horizontal excavation.

According to patent information, Makita has developed a product based on the current DG460D model that can be placed horizontally and used for horizontal digging.

40Vmax Rechargeable Grease Gun


Based on the description in the patent, this appears to be an upgraded version of the grease gun with improved power, speculated to have increased discharge capacity compared to the current 18V model GP180D.

While this would be a great addition to the 40Vmax series, there has been feedback in the market regarding the bulky nature of the 18V model (6.0kg). It is hoped that Makita will make improvements in terms of weight for the 40V max version.

New Storage Device


Currently, Makita produces and sells the Mac Pack series, which is based on the Systainer standard box. The new patent shows a product that appears to be larger in size compared to the storage boxes Makita is currently selling. It seems that it can be carried by hand and also used with a trolley, similar to the larger storage boxes of competitors such as Milwaukee PACKOUT and DeWALT TOUGH SYSTEM.

As we mentioned in our previous tweet, the market for storage devices has become quite competitive in recent years, with major brands intensifying their efforts. This market has essentially become saturated. With Makita entering the fray at this point, it may only get a small share of the market. It seems they have missed the window of opportunity by two or three years.

40Vmax New Chainsaw


This product appears to be quite similar to the currently available MUC019G model, but upon closer inspection, differences can be observed in the motor ventilation and battery cover structure. It seems that there have been improvements in power and dust/water resistance ratings.

Chainsaws are a flagship product in Makita's OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) lineup, so this should be a highly anticipated product.

Backpack Portable Power Supply PDC1500


Makita has released the PDC1500, an upgraded version of the portable power supply PDC1200. Compared to the PDC1200, the PDC1500 features an increased battery capacity of 361Wh, reaching 1568Wh, with the width expanding from 261mm to 312mm. Additionally, the weight has increased by approximately 1kg. It supports 40Vmax and 18Vx2, with a charging time of 8 hours.

With various cordless power tools continuously improving their specifications and requiring higher battery capacities, the demand for larger batteries is increasing. At this juncture, rather than using bulky batteries directly, opting for such a backpack-style portable power supply would be more convenient and effectively reduce work fatigue caused by heavy tools.

80Vmax GMH04 Demolition Hammer


This cordless demolition hammer, powered by an 80Vmax system, has been in the process of patent application since as early as 2020. It finally made its debut at the 2024 Concrete World Trade Fair held in Las Vegas on January 23, 2024. This product utilizes two 40Vmax batteries to form the 80Vmax series, with each battery mounted on both the left and right sides of the tool. Visually, it offers better balance compared to its main competitor, the Milwaukee MXF DH2528H.

Nowadays, top brands like Milwaukee and DeWalt are aggressively expanding into the high-power, fuel-based equipment sector in the construction industry. Although the GMH04 may have some shortcomings as Makita's first large-scale demolition hammer product, it can still secure a position in the market. By doing so, Makita can strategically target and compete with rival products, enabling rapid expansion and gaining a foothold in this competitive landscape.

The XGT 8-port charger BCC01


The XGT 8-port charger BCC01 is a notable addition to Makita's lineup. It can accommodate 8 40Vmax batteries and charge two batteries simultaneously. The inclusion of a cover ensures protection against dust and rainwater, making it suitable for outdoor charging.

Overall, while Makita's recent product releases may not be groundbreaking, they are still commendable. The introduction of the first large-scale cordless demolition hammer and the backpack-style portable power supply for cordless tools are both strategic moves. One targets specific competitors accurately, while the other provides an alternative power source for cordless products. These developments demonstrate Makita's commitment to innovation and addressing market needs.

Post time: Mar-22-2024

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